Become a Member & Conditions

To become a member in Boulder Klub Mamer asbl you first need to read and accept the following points:

Everybody can become a member of BKM.

You need to be older than 14 years to use the large boulder in Park Brill.

Under 14 years of age, you are free to use the kids/youth boulder in Park Brill and the one in Capellen (these boulders are especially set for this age group).

If you are between 0- and 17-years young the Terms & Conditions need to be read, accepted, and signed by a parent.

Currently, we only accept bank transfers. Payconiq coming soon.

All memberships obtained after October 1st are valid for the following year as well.

Access to the “adults boulder” can only be used after we receive your payment and have been confirmed as a member. After acceptation of the rules and receiving payment, a mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to access the large boulder.

The access to the large boulder in Park Brill is limited to one person per membership.

Members can use the “adult boulder” every day all year long between 6am-10pm. except if the BKM publishes otherwise. There will be some days we need to close the boulder for competitions, clubs, boulder setting etc.

You must be sure you know how to boulder and know the rules of bouldering. These can be read at the entrance to the large boulder or here

Bouldering is at your own risk and neither Boulder Klub Mamer or the “Gemeng Mamer” are responsible for any accidents or injuries obtained while bouldering.

Remember if you ever choose to boulder when there is nobody else onsite, there will be nobody to help you in case of emergency!!

Climbing shoes are obligatory.

Keep the area & holds clean.

Always climb within your capabilities and descend by down climbing, or at the very least a controlled jump. Avoid jumping from the top.

Never climb directly above or below another climber.

Helmets, food and drink or any hard objects are not permitted in the falling zone at any time.

Only spot a fellow climber if you understand how to spot correctly.

Do not carry phones, cameras, wallets, coins, keys etc. when climbing, as they may drop and hurt other people.

Use crashpads to minimize the risk of injuries.

Do not leave any items on the crashpads.

Do not boulder under influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please ensure you are warmed up properly before using facilities.

Please take due caution when using this area.

No smoking in this area.

No alcohol in this area.

No drugs in this area.


Category Junior Senior
Age 0 - 18 Years 18+
Exception Students < 26 Years  
Price 35 Eur 50 Eur


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